In 2018 I submitted an entry to JS1k, a now defunct code golfing competition. The theme that year was “The Volatile Coin Mine” and my submission was a simple game where you had to collect coins from an unstable mine while avoiding boulders. I came 10th, which is still a proud moment.

As you’ve probably guessed, JS1k entries must be 1KB or smaller. You have to work hard to squeeze every last drop out of each byte. There are lots of really fun byte saving techniques, some of which you can see in the uncompressed source code of my entry…

I’ve interviewed a lot of developers over the years. When I ask about Test Driven Development (TDD) there is a common theme. It often feels daunting, or impractical. It is not something that a lot of developers practice or feel comfortable trying. This is completely understandable — how do you write tests before you’ve written the implementation? Where do you start?

This article hopes to clear up some common misconceptions and show you that TDD is an approachable and straightforward process. Even better, with a little bit of practice, it has the potential to make you a better developer.


Andrew Berry

Director of Engineering at AT Media

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